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e5 Mobile laser tag

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E5 Laser Tag consists of Razorback© Taggers, that has built-In Scoring, team-coordinated LED lasers, sound effects, and more! 

 - Up to 12 Players at a time can play in various laser tag missions. If you have a larger group we will rotate all players in. 
- We bring everything you need, day or night
- We will arrive at your location and customize a battlefield with our pop-up barriers and will keep the party moving with a variety of game modes. 

- It is totally safe, clean fun for all.  


Our missions are all gender and age-neutral which can be played indoors or outdoors in daylight or at night.  Because our typical rounds last 5 to 8 minutes with 12 kids playing at once, we can easily entertain small parties to large crowds!
E5 Mobile Laser Tag is a great way to promote physical activity, team building, and friendly competition!  There are tons of games that kids both young and old can play together while participating in the ultimate battle!  Our Game Coach will make sure the kids have a blast!  We can set up indoors or outdoors…winter, spring, summer, or fall.

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